[New development]2020 - Driven turret with Y axis

SAUTER Asia “Driven Turret with Y axis”

Exclusive 4 Linear design


“Product Innovation” and “Optimizing Products” are Sauter Asia’s commitments to  worldwide customers. 2020 is an unpredictable year, despite the global economy is severely damaged by COVID19 and international situation uncertainty, Sauter Asia still continues to launch new products as planned to fulfill the mission of being your trustworthy partner.


In addition to the existing external Y-axis driven turret, Sauter Asia introduces exclusive 4-linear design built-in Y-axis driven turret (See Picture 1) in OCT. 2020.


Features of 4-linar design Y-axis driven turret

Sauter Asia’s Y-axis driven turret exclusively uses a 4-linear center-mounted screw design.  This design ensures stable turret structure and eliminates vibration during processing.

Around 30% of space is saved inside machine, and interference is reduced by about 30%. High rigidity makes this type of Y-axis driven turret more suitable for high-complex processing. Sauter Asia is keen to provide you with competitive turrets to add extra value to your machines.




Travel of Y axis: ±50mm

Linear: MSA25x4PCS(4 linear)

Ball Screw: R32


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