Cultivates in Taiwan and Integrates with the World

Sauter Asia Co., LTD was established in 2008 by GP Machinery Co.,LTD (A professional machine tool parts agent) and Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH (A leading turret manufacturer). As a joint venture company, the goal of Sauter Asia is to provide instant and professional services in Taiwan, to work with Taiwan's machine tool manufacturers, and to help upgrade MIT products and service expertise.


Cultivating deeply in Taiwan is our initial goal, offering "continuous innovation" is our core value. Regardless of international changes, Sauter Asia always adheres to its original intention to work closely with global machine tool manufacturers and to aim at providing one-stop solutions to global users in a faster and efficient way.


The COVID-19 epidemic has caused an unprecedented impact on the world. The machine tool industry is suddenly entering a challenging situation. Under this unexpected situation, it is crucial to maintain readiness to battle against any new crises. 


Despite the new crises, Sauter Asia keeps its existing plan to continuously launch new products to truly fulfill and act as the key partner.  Sauter Asia keeps on working  with Taiwan machine tool manufacturers tightly to perform digital transformation, quality improvement, product differentiation, and cost down to enhance the global competiveness of Taiwan machine tool industry.


Sauter Asia is a professional and experienced team, and we are your best partner in machine tool industry.

The irreplaceable advantages of ours are – capable to provide customers professional and instant support before and after sales. Choose Sauter Asia as your business partner helps enhance your competitiveness in global market.

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